March Open Museum Hours

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Our March 17th Open Hours were full of productive work at the C.C. Stern Type Foundry:


(clockwise from left) Jeff Shay restoring the Material Maker, Chris Chen working on the keyboards, Ivan Snyder cleaning Composition Mat holders.

Other things that were happening: Connie finished entering the composition mat info for items we have currently unpacked, and began organizing our database and identifying areas we will need assistance with.  Joe was working on the Thompson caster a good portion of the day, cleaning, oiling & making plans with others to obtain parts—it’s starting to look like there is hope for operation of the machine this year. Rebecca spent most of the day cleaning out the pump, piston and nozzle for the Orphan Annie in hopes of isolating some little problems with the 18pt. casting we’ve been doing. All-in-all it was a good day with the machines, and nice to swap information and ideas with visitors that stopped by.

Next Public Open Hours: Saturday April 21, 11am-3pm