Moving Day

Posted by on Aug 20, 2010 | No Comments

The day has finally arrived. After being locked up in a storage container for 2 years, the casting machines are out and happily soaking up the day light in their new home. Jeff and I stood in disbelief as pallets were positioned on the diamond plate steel covered floor. It’s been a busy couple years of meetings, planning and paperwork to make this organization official. The work thus far has been rewarding and it has been fun to build the group and share our enthusiasm for type & printing with others, but this was all accomplished by looking at photos & manuals. To see the machines again up close gave us both a sense of wonderment and excitement that can’t be matched by looking at a photo. Now the fun begins! Now the hands get dirty! I’ve posted a couple snap shots of the machines in their new digs.  Jeff was also armed with a camera, his work will do the machines and space a bit more justice. Look out for future posts with links to additional photos.