Date of Manufacture: unknown
Previous Owners: Stern & Faye Printers
Acquired: 2009
Restoration Status: Operational

The Monotype ‘Model OA’ Sorts Caster–often called an “Orphan Annie” Sorts Caster–went into production in the early 1900s. The machine is a derivative of the Monotype Composition Caster, and is used to cast metal type for hand composition. The machine uses flat matrices or composition matrices to cast a single “sort” (one size of one character of one typeface) in type sizes ranging from 6 to 36 points.

This caster from the foundry of C. Christopher Stern was the first machine to be restored at the C.C. Stern Type Foundry, and can often be seen casting ornaments during public open hours.

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  • oa-rebecca-joe-lumachrome
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  • jeff-chris-oa

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