March Open Museum Hours

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Our March 17th Open Hours were full of productive work at the C.C. Stern Type Foundry: (clockwise from left) Jeff Shay restoring the Material Maker, Chris Chen working on the keyboards, Ivan Snyder cleaning Composition Mat holders. Other things that were happening: Connie finished entering the composition mat info for items we have currently unpacked, […]

Fixing old machines is always an adventure

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I’ve been reflecting on some of the mini-projects it took to get the Orphan Annie working again. These projects, which always are about problem solving and sometimes are also about inventing creative solutions, are as much a part of the “working” aspect of our Foundry museum as are the routine maintenance tasks and machine operation.

Jim Rimmer’s Tom Sawyer available for purchase

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I wanted to follow up on my earlier post about Jim Rimmer’s inspiration to the Type Foundry. To create The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Jim Rimmer designed and made a new metal font using type foundry equipment, such as the Monotype Composition Caster, that we are working to preserve—and preserving to work for other artists. […]

Inspiration in a homemade, hand cast font

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I was thinking about how the C.C. Stern Type Foundry can play a role in advancing the art of the printed word, and found a bit of inspiration from our friend Jim Rimmer and his limited edition The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Here’s an excerpt from an article in Parenthesis, The Journal of the Fine […]