Thompson Tech V, Skyline Type Foundry

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I flew to Arizona on January 14 to spend a week immersed in Thompson Tech V at Sky Shipley’s Skyline Type Foundry.  Sky kept the four Tech Week participants busy, guiding us through a casting of Convertible Border No. 476, then a run of 24 point Rustic, and finally 14 point Hobo.  In the process, […]

Our Orphan Annie Inaugural Run video is online

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Our video of the Orphan Annie Inaugural run is online.

Fixing old machines is always an adventure

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I’ve been reflecting on some of the mini-projects it took to get the Orphan Annie working again. These projects, which always are about problem solving and sometimes are also about inventing creative solutions, are as much a part of the “working” aspect of our Foundry museum as are the routine maintenance tasks and machine operation.

Orphan Annie casts a sort of Stern!

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On October 15, the Foundry cast a run of 150 pieces of the “st” ligature of Jim Rimmer’s Stern font on the Orphan Annie.

Orphan Annie restoration update

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What’s in the restoration of a metal type caster? Slow searches through spare parts inventory for just the right wedge or perhaps the least-worn mould. Hot days melting out pots. Some invention, some trial and error, and plenty of head scratching. Discoveries. Lots and lots of fun. We continue to make progress restoring the Orphan […]