The C.C. Stern Type Foundry’s Museum of Metal Typography is a working museum–with a focus on “working.” We operate one of the only type foundries between San Francisco and Vancouver, B.C. Our capability to make metal type and decorative print elements, and to share that craft with the community, fills a growing need within the Pacific Northwest’s vital network of designers, letterpress printers and book artists.

The mission of the C.C. Stern Type Foundry is to cultivate a unique connection between industry and the arts in the Pacific Northwest. For the first phase of the museum’s operation, our focus is on relearning the skills and revitalizing the experiences of the working type foundry. The museum provides educational programming, including live demonstrations of the foundry equipment and type casting processes. The museum also houses working displays and collected references, and serve as an educational resource center for teachers and students of history, printing, publishing, design, creative writing, book arts, and journalism.

The Museum of Metal Typography provides a gathering place for type enthusiasts from all genres of study, connecting them with the Northwest’s printing history, as well as with national and international organizations devoted to typography, type casting and printing.