The C.C. Stern Type Foundry owns the following foundry and printing equipment, which the organization will use and maintain for educational purposes and to promote creative use of these tools.

(2) American Monotype composition casters

(3) Monotype keyboards, with multiple stopbars, keybars and justification scales

(1) Thompson sorts caster

(1) Monotype sorts caster (“Orphan Anne”)

(1) Monotype Material Maker strip caster

(1) Monotype Giant caster

(1) British Monotype composition caster

(1) Linotype Model 31

(1) Gorton 3u Pantograph

(1) Ludlow Typograph Model L

(1) Hand casting mold

A composing stone, proof press and table top press

A collection of related moulds, bridges, wedges, storage cabinets, and galleys

A collection of books on typecasting and other reference materials