We have another exciting year ahead — one in which we resolved to involve our fellow volunteers in meaningful ways. Here are some of the possible projects we plan to tackle during our volunteer work sessions (which happen during open hours on the third Saturday of each month):

  • Reorganize the keybars for our Monotype Composition Caster Keyboards
  • Restore the new Pantograph and practice simple patterns
  • Finish restoration of the Material Maker and Thompson casters
  • Sort and catalog Linotype mats
  • Clean and restore the table top proof press
  • Sort and label caster replacement parts (nozzles, wedges, etc.)
  • Clean and lubricate bridges and molds
  • Clean Comp Matrices of surface rust
  • Finish accurately cataloguing matrices for all machines, including scans of collection
  • Cast and proof ornaments for sale
  • Print/create promotional items (buttons, aprons, cards, etc)
  • Create new museum signage
  • Continue to collect, edit and print pieces that document the history of typecasters
  • Catalog our library collection

Of course, there are many little organizational tasks and maintenance items that will reveal themselves as the months progress. We realize that the third Saturday date does not always work for volunteers. If there are projects of particular interest to you, or you wish to brainstorm ways in which volunteering at the foundry can be more enriching to you, please drop us a line. We would love to involve you in a way that builds your skills and piques your interests, while propelling our organization forward.

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